Slavneft over-fulfilled the oil production plan in 2016


Under the operational management of the company’s shareholders, i.e. PJSC Gazprom Neft (which controls OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz) and PJSC Rosneft Oil Company (which manages OOO Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz), Slavneft’s enterprises produced 15 mln tons of crude oil and over-fulfilled the Business Plan by 235 ths tons in 2016.
The Slavneft reserve replacement exceeded the actual oil production twice (+32 mln tons). Based on West Siberia assets, the reserves-to-production rate made 37 years. Due to efficient operation of the base well stock and successful implementation of the wellwork program, the oil production drop was stabilized at the 3% level that corresponds to the rate of natural oil production at Company’s main fields, which are at their decline stage.  
In 2016, 31 new oil production technologies with the economic effect of RUB 259 mln were tested at Slavneft’s license areas. Within implementation of the energy-saving program, OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, the Company’s main production enterprise, managed to significantly decrease the specific power consumption. Introduction of the energy-saving solutions allowed the Enterprise saving 146 mln kWh, or RUB 385 mln.
In the reporting period, 262 new wells were drilled at Slavneft’s fields; the production drilling progress made 1,063 ths meters.
In 2016, the volume of associated petroleum gas (APG) production achieved 1,065 bln m3 and exceeded the planned indicator by 34 mln m3. At year-end, APG utilization at the Company’s fields increased by 1.5% and was equal to 89%. It is planned to increase this indicator up to 95% by 2020.
Slavneft continuously upgrades its operational facilities for reducing the environment adverse impact. Due to implementation of the flare upgrading program, the Company managed to decrease the total discharge to the atmosphere by 22% in 2016 against the previous year indicator. 
The crude oil refining volume in the Company’s share made 19.2 mln tons. In 2016, OAO Slavneft-YaNOS and OAO Mozyr Refinery (Slavneft’s share – 42.58%) processed 14.9 mln tons and 4.2 mln tons of raw hydrocarbons, respectively. The Slavneft refineries produced 3.7 mln tons of motor gasoline and 5.5 mln tons of diesel oil. 
YaNOS manufactured 8.4 mln tons of light oils, including 2.6 mln tons of motor gasoline and 4.1 of diesel oil. In the reporting period, the Mozyr Refinery in the Company’s share produced 2.5 mln tons of light oils, including 1.1 mln tons of gasoline and 1.4 mln tons of diesel oil. 
All motor fuels manufactured by the Slavneft refineries comply with the Euro-5 highest environmental standard.


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