High Management Quality Rating Is Assigned to Slavneft


The RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency has assigned the management quality rating to OAO NGK Slavneft that means the Very High Management Quality Level. The RAEX rating is assigned to the Company for the first time.

The Slavneft informational transparency, high level of the corporate social responsibility and effective interaction between the Company’s management bodies made a positive impact on the expert opinion. Agency experts gave a high assessment to arrangement of the activity of Slavneft’s Board of Directors and its Committees, Executive Bodies, to the risk management level, and to control over financial and business operations.
The management quality rating is an integrated characteristic of the Company’s activity and expresses the Expert RA opinion on how the management quality system enables to observe and protect stakeholders’ rights. The rating scale includes assessments from (the low management quality rating) up to (the highest management quality level). You can find the rating assignment methods on the Agency’s official website:

RAEX (Expert RA) is officially accredited by the RF Ministry of Finance and is the largest rating agency in our country at present. Since 2013 the Agency has been assigning sovereign ratings to states, as well as ratings to companies, banks, sub-federal and municipal borrowers under the international scale. Besides, Expert RA assigns ratings according to national scales of the countries, in which the Agency has its own representative offices.


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