In 2010 OAO NGK Slavneft incremented 47 mln tons of С1 oil reserves


In 2010, ОАО NGK Slavneft managed to increment 47 mln tons of С1 oil recoverable reserves. At that, 18.4 mln tons of oil was produced over the reporting period. Thus, hydrocarbon reserves replacement ratio amounted to 255.4% at the Slavneft’s license areas.
In 2010, the Company’s investments into exploration amounted to $98 mln. С1 oil recoverable reserves increment due to exploration amounted to 16.8 mln tons that is 55% above the indicator envisaged by the 2010 ОАО NGK Slavneft’s Business Plan. Herewith, the reserves increment due to exploration amounted to 6.4 mln in KhMAO-Yugra and 10.4 mln tons in the Krasnoyarsk region.
The exploration drilling volumes increased more than 10 times for the reporting period at the Slavneft’s license areas in KhMAO-Yugra and Krasnoyarsk region against 2009. The exploration drilling progress amounted 32 ths m under the year-end results; 11 wells were drilled up.
In 2010, the volume of 2D and 3D field seismics made 449 km and 536 km2 respectively as compared to 2009 when seismic surveys were not carried out at the Company’s fields due to financing deficiency.


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