OAO NGK Slavneft launched the new corporate website


December 10, 2010 ОАО NGK Slavneft launched the new corporate website in the Internet at The network resource has the English version and navigation system. The section structure and user-friendly interface ensure the maximum information accessibility for website visitors.
The network resource was developed on the basis of the experience gained during the previous version operation. A special attention was paid to the website graphic design; it was made in the corporate style. The design enables to perceive the information quickly and easily.The Internet resource structure was expanded due to the new sections and function modules. Namely, the website has the services which allow users to swiftly find necessary information about different Company activities, including procurement of goods, works and services. The users who wish to receive news on-line can subscribe to RSS tape which automatically informs them about publication of new materials in the site.The website program platform is built according to the module principle that allows to further develop its structure by adding new information blocks and interactive services.



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