The Jurassic deposit was discovered at one of OAO NGK Slavneft fields in YaNAO


In mid-May of 2009 due to the testing of exploration well No.73 at Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field being explored and developed by OAO NGK Slavneft the light oil flow with the 72 m3/day production rate was received at the 10-mm choke from the Jurassic sediments from the depth of 3,100 meters. The gas factor made 158 m3/m3.
Hereby, exploration well No.73 became the well the first to discover the new oil deposit. For the first time the oil-and-gas content of the Jurassic sediments was proved at the Messoyakha structural rampart located within the license areas of OAO NGK Salvneft in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Area (YaNAO).
Last year the increment of C2 oil recoverable reserves in the amount of 43 mln tons was received from formation BU1 of exploration well No. 73. This increment as well as the discovery of oil and gas deposits in formations PK21, BU6/3, BU12/2 due to the drilling of exploration wells No. 132, 50, 61 prove the high potential of Vostochno-Messoyakhsky and Zapadno-Messoyakhsky license areas.
The increment of low-viscosity Jurassic oil reserves significantly enhances the investment attractiveness of the project for the development of OAO NGK Slavneft resource base in YaNAO and enables to speed up the process of bringing the Messoyakha fileds into commercial development.


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