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OAO Slavneft-YaNOS

OAO Slavneft-YaNOS (YaNOS) is the Company’s largest refinery with the design capacity of 15.0 MTA. Over the last 15 years, the Refinery has been operating with the maximum utilization rate.

YaNOS manufactures more than 100 types of products, including high-quality eco-friendly motor gasoline, diesel oil, jet fuel, lube oils, bitumen (road, roofing, and construction bitumen), paraffins and waxes, aromatic hydrocarbons, furnace fuel, and etc. Many of these products are among the Russia’s top 100 goods. Slavneft-YaNOS was awarded the Prize of the Russian Federation Government for great achievements in enhancement of the product quality and introduction of the effective management methods.

The Refinery is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing of fuels compliant with the up-to-date European standards. Due to the ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system, YaNOS can continuously improve production technologies and consumer properties of petroleum products. Since the late 1990s, YaNOS has been implementing a large-scale upgrading and revamping program, simultaneously increasing the operations safety and decreasing the adverse impact on the environment. During this period, more than two tens of major refining facilities were revamped and built; thus, a high-end advanced oil processing plant, consisting of hydro-cracking, visbreaking and catalytic reforming (with continuous catalyst regeneration) units, was constructed.

In 2005, YaNOS became the first Russian refinery to master production of Premium Euro-95 gasoline and diesel oil with the sulfur content of 50 ppm. In 2006, the Refinery launched a new product line – eco-friendly EN 590 diesel oil with the ultra-low sulfur content of 10 ppm. In 2011, YaNOS completed construction of the Izomalk С5-С6 Fraction Isomerization Unit and Cat-Cracked Gasoline Hydrotreatment Unit. Commissioning of these industrial facilities enabled the Refinery to fully convert to production of motor gasoline and commercial diesel oil under the Euro-5 environmental standard in 2012.

In 2013, the Refinery launched the Diesel Oil Hydrotreatment Unit with the capacity of 1.6 MTA and Oil Sludge Recycling Unit with the capacity of 5-12 cubic meters per hour within the YaNOS upgrading program. In 2014, the Refinery revamped the Gasoline Pool Units (1A-1M Catalytic Cracking Unit, MTBE Production Unit and Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Unit) for increasing the production of high-octane motor gasoline and introduced the diesel oil dewaxing technology for improving the cold flow properties of winter fuel.

In 2015, upgrading of the C-500 Section of the KM-2 Lubes and Waxes Production Plant was completed at YaNOS. The Automated Station for Diesel Fuel and Kerosene Single-Point Loading into rail tank cars was put into operation; construction and installation works of the Group III Base Oils Production Complex were commenced. This new Complex will make possible for the Refinery to manufacture synthetic oils, which will be equals or betters to the foreign ones by quality.

In 2016, YaNOS launched the on-spot station of residual fuel loading into rail tank cars designed for loading of 5.3 mln tons of the product per annum. Thus, the Refinery completed the large-scale revamping of the loading system, which had been started in 2005. The out-of-date gallery-type racks were replaced by the new Stations that allowed the Enterprise increasing the accuracy of petroleum products loading and minimizing the environmental risks.