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OOO Slavneft–Scientific and Production Center

In 2002, OOO Slavneft-Scientific and Production Center (SN-NPTs) was established on the basis of the Tver branch of the Megion Information and Geological Center to perform scientific and research, design engineering activities aimed at development of the Slavneft mineral resources base. The Center designs seismic survey jobs and controls their fulfillment, implements integrated projects on seismic survey data/ well information processing and interpretation, develops seismic models. Prompt analysis of geological and geophysical materials, geological and hydrodynamic modeling of oil fields, planning and designing of exploration activities for the short- and long-term perspectives are among the Enterprise’s key activities.

SN-NPTs employs highly skilled specialists with the vast experience in almost all oil and gas provinces of Russia and in a number of far-abroad countries. The Center is equipped with modern computer devices, including multi-core clusters, which ensure the high calculation speed during development of geological models. To process and analyze the geological and geophysical information, plan and design exploration jobs, SN-NPTs uses the technologies and software provided by the world leading geophysical companies as well as its own innovative solutions.

At present, SN-NPTs is one of the leading industry scientific and production centers and is still dynamically developing by improving its analytical and methodical, scientific and engineering support of hydrocarbons exploration and extraction. Except for the jobs fulfilled for Slavneft’s enterprises, the Center actively participates in projects of other Russian oil and gas companies.

In 2015, the restructuring of SN-NPTs was carried out that allowed significantly extending its functionality. The Enterprise engaged new highly qualified specialists. Within the restructuring, the Center was additionally equipped with the software and hardware. SN-NPTs increased the scope of the jobs fulfilled almost twofold due to changes in the operating and organizational structure.

One more vector of SN-NPTs development was establishment of two Center branches in 2015 in KhMAO-Yugra, where the key Slavneft exploration and oil production enterprises operate.

The branches in Megion and Nizhnevartovsk promptly interact with the production enterprises and render the scientific and engineering support for exploration, design and survey activities. Establishment of the branches allowed the Center skipping to a new efficiency level and executing comprehensive design works from exploration to oil and gas field development.