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ОАО Mozyr Refinery

The Mozyr Refinery was launched in 1975. The Enterprise manufactures motor gasoline, eco-friendly diesel fuel with the sulfur content below 0.001%, lighting kerosene, domestic gas and bitumen. Mozyr Refinery’s products are characterized by such consumer properties, as the low content of sulfur compounds in diesel fuel, a high calorific value of residual fuel and no tetraethyl lead in motor gasoline. Since 2003, the Refinery’s products have been certified under ISO 9001:2000 international quality standards. The Enterprise was awarded the Republic of Belarus Government Prize for Quality in 2002, 2005, 2010 and 2015.

Slavneft and the Government of the Republic of Belarus are the key shareholders of the Mozyr Refinery. Slavneft’s share in the Mozyr Refinery authorized capital makes 42.58%. The Byelorussian Government owns 42.76% of the Refinery’s shares. Another 12.25% of the shares is held by OOO MNPZ Plus (RB), which is fully controlled by the State. Individuals hold 2.41% of the Refinery’s shares.  

Since 1996, the Mozyr Refinery has been upgrading production facilities on a step-by-step basis in order to increase the crude oil processing depth and manufacture products complaint with the global quality standards. Over the past period, LK-6U, one of the two key processing complexes, was revamped; the Tar Visbreaking Unit, Vacuum Gasoil Hydroconversion Unit, Catalytic Cracking Unit, Hydrogen Fluoride Alkylation Unit, Benzene Production Plant and a score of other facilities were constructed.

In 2010, the Refinery completed construction of the Cat-Cracked Gasoline Hydrodesulfurization Unit with the capacity of 1.08 MTA. In 2011, the Enterprise launched the Diesel Fuel Hydrotreatment Unit and MEA Regeneration Block of the Sulfur Production Unit to ensure operation of the Motor Fuel Production Plant. In 2012, construction of the Isomerization Unit was completed that enabled the Refinery to start production of regular unleaded gasoline conforming to the Euro-5 standard. In 2013, the Residual Fuel Vacuum Distillation Unit with the capacity of 3 MTA was launched at the Mozyr Refinery.

In 2015, the diesel fuel storage and loading facilities and methanol tank farm were launched at the Enterprise under the Mozyr Refinery Development Program. The Refinery also mastered manufacturing of a new product – high-octane 98 K5-euro gasoline.

In 2016, the Combined Plant for Production of Gasoline High-Octane Components was commissioned. Operation of this Plant makes technically possible to manufacture gasoline with the octane number of 95 and above under the EN 228:2008 (class 5, Euro-5) European standard. The Mozyr Refinery also launched the C4 Butane Fraction Adsorption Treatment Unit that allowed extending the life cycle of the expensive platinum-containing catalyst and reducing the corrosion rate of the alkylation section equipment and pipelines.

At present, the Enterprise is actively implementing the largest project in its history, i.e. construction of the Black Oil Hydrocracking Plant. The Plant will include a Combined Hydrocracking Unit, Hydrogen Production Unit and Sulfur Production Unit. This project execution will allow the Mozyr Refinery increasing the oil processing depth up to 90% and incrementing the production of diesel fuel with the sulfur content of 10 ppm at most by more than 800 kilotons.