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ООО Megion Geologia

OOO Megion-Geologia is one of the leading exploration enterprises in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area-Yugra, which performs the full range of jobs for exploration and development of oil and gas fields. The region where Megion-Geologia conducts its activities covers the area of about 200 ths sq. km.

The Enterprise has been tracing its roots since 1957, when the Ust-Vakhskaya Oil Exploratory Expedition was established. The main task of that Expedition was to explore hydrocarbon reservoirs in Middle Priobie. Exploratory drilling was carried out at the Megionskaya, Ermakovskaya and Nizhnevartovskaya areas. Due to the increased scope of exploration jobs, in 1962 the Megion Oil & Gas Exploratory Expedition was created on the basis of the Nizhnevartovsk Deep Drilling Crew. The Megion Expedition is a legendary enterprise that played an important role in establishment and development of the KhMAO-Yugra Oil & Gas Complex. As early as in summer 1963, the Expedition with the drilling volume of more than 30 ths meters per year was among the best enterprises of the Tyumen region. In 1971, the Expedition labor team was awarded the Badge of Honour for discovering the Samotlor oil field which was the largest one in the country.
In 1978, Megionneftegazgeologia, a production association for oil and gas exploration, was established on the basis of the Megionskaya, Aganskaya and Vakhskaya Oil Exploratory Expeditions, Megion Rig Assembling Office and Megion Expedition Equipping Office. In 1994, the Enterprise was one of the first in the industry, which was incorporated and became a part of OAO NGK Slavneft. In 2010, OOO Megion Geologia was established on the basis of OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegazgeologia. The Megion Oil Exploratory Expedition became the key subdivision of Megion Geologia.  

For more than the semi centenary history, Megion geologists discovered over 150 oil and gas fields, including the Megionskoye, Van-Eganskoye, Aganskoye, Varieganskoye, Pokachevskoye, Vatinskoye, Severo-Pokurskoye and Novo-Pokurskoye fields related to the category of major fields. Enterprise’s specialists discovered more than 600 hydrocarbon deposits, built and tested over 3,400 appraisal and exploration wells, drilled approximately 9.8 mln meters of rocks. The Enterprise labor team explored about a fourth of the total proved hydrocarbons in KhMAO-Yugra (8.6 bln tons).

Today Megion-Geologia performs exploration works not only in the license areas of the Slavneft Group, but in the fields of other subsurface users. The Enterprise has all resources required for exploration drilling in the volume of more than 50 ths meters per year.

In recent years, Megion-Geologia successfully introduces advanced technologies, regularly upgrades production assets and enhances the labor management system. Due to upgrading of the facilities and enhancement of the technological process, the Enterprise managed to essentially decrease the OPEX and accelerate the drilling works.