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Corporate governance

OAO NGK Slavneft has implemented the corporate governance system designed to promote effective managerial decision-making to ensure the Company’s progressive and sustainable development in the interests of all shareholders. In the sphere of corporate governance the Company relies upon the world’s best experience, Russian business leader’s practices and national corporate governance standards.
In December 2016, the RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) confirmed the management quality rating for OAO NGK Slavneft. This assessment means the Very High Management Quality Level and has been assigned to the Company since 2015.

RAEX experts highlighted arrangement of the activity of the Board of Directors and its committees, as well as arrangement of the activity of Company’s executive bodies among the positive aspects of Slavneft’s management practice. Besides, the Slavneft financial results, effective risk management and high level of Company’s information transparency had a positive impact on the expert opinion.

The management quality rating is an integrated assessment of the Company’s activity and expresses the Expert RA opinion on how the management quality system enables to observe and protect stakeholders’ rights. The rating scale has five grades and includes assessments from (the low management quality rating) up to (the highest management quality level). You can find the rating assignment method on the Agency’s official website: